The Mahabodhi Namsai center was established in the year 2012 under the blessing of Most Venerable Dr. Acharya Buddharakkita PhD., D. Lit., Agga Maha Saddhamma Jotika Dhaja, Founder president of Mahabodhi organization, Bengaluru.

Initial work of Mahabodhi Namsai centre was started in a small rented room at Namsai. From there the ground work of establishing and developing the Mahabodhi Namsai a branch centre of Mahabodhi Society Bengaluru took place. With the preliminary survey Mahabodhi has decided to start a degree college as soon as possible. Therefore, in the beginning Mahabodhi Lord Buddha Collage, Namsai, has stared functioning from the academic year 2013 in an abandoned old school building at Namsai. At the same time a new building construction has started on the plot of land donated by the public leaders, youth organizations and local people of the area to Mahabodhi. On January 2015 we have sifted the collage to the new building constructed by the public work department of government of Arunachal Pradesh with the financial assistance of government in our own campus near Namsai. At present various humanitarian activity are being conducted in this centre, namely: 

1. Mahabodhi Lord Buddha collage – B.A., B.COM, B.ED, M.A. courses offered

2. Mahabodhi Maitri Girls Home.

3. Mahabodhi Monastic Institute.