The Mahabodhi branch in Hyderabad was started in 2015 and steadily more and more people are being benefited through cultural, educational and moral programs. Mahabodhi has the following programs in Hyderabad center

  1. Meditation Workshops
  2. Moral Education and Monastic Training
  3. Sunday Meditation and Pravachan Programs
  4. Celebration of Cultural events 
  5. School Students Moral education programs and meditation

The meditation workshop conducted by Venerable Dhammapala is benefitting more and more people. The number of session and the participants are increasing fast. The workshop is open to all, irrespective of any religion or other social denominations. It aims at bringing about health and happiness back among the people who are eagerly looking forward to bring stability of mind and regain peace in their lives. Since lockdown happened, the workshop went online and a huge number of people flocked to attend the session, people attended from around the world.

Sunday Evening Meditation and Discourse Program are carried out throughout the year without a single break, this is in keeping with the tradition of Bada Bhanteji who started it since the inception and continued without a break till today. As the Vihara’s scenic hilltop landscape attracts lots of tourist in the evening, especially during Sunday, the program benefitted many tourists who would otherwise never get a chance to listen to pravachans and practice meditation.